Friday, 17 February 2012

project 10 pan (ish)

Now i know this is more like "project 9 pan" but hey ho. As you can see, i am a junkie for anything to do with my "base". I love every single one of these products but for one reason or another, i've stopped using them/it(?) to replace it with another product. Therefore i have decided that i am going to use all this lot up, even if it kills me!

First things first, NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder. Now i had this in the loose powder form and i loved it. I used that all up and ended up buying the pressed powder version as it was more convenient for traveling etc. Now i stopped using this as i bought Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder - which is featured to it's right. I loved this powder because it's so light. It doesn't feel like your face is caked and it's pale, which is always a plus for me!

ColorTrend Fresh Face Oil-Free Foundation. Now this foundation here was my very first foundation! (not the same bottle mind you, but the first foundation i tried!). I loved it because it was again light and pale. It's good for them days when you feel like you need a little coverage but don't fancy going out in a full face of make up!

Revlon Colorstay. I love this foundation, i can sing it's praises for hours. Whenever anyone asks for foundation recommendation, i always always say Colorstay. Yes it's quick thick and sometimes hard to blend but the coverage, the finish and colour range is fab-u-lous! It's lasted forever and after i've finished all these foundations, i'd probably go back to trying another Revlon formulation - maybe Photoready? 

Rimmel London's Lasting Finish. This foundation reminds me of Colorstay a lot in the sense that it lasts for hours. Even though this is the palest shade Rimmel make in this formulation, it does look really dark in comparison to the other foundations. But saying this though, it applies really well and i don't look orange - which is a god send. It actually makes me look healthy rather than deadly pale (like my Colorstay, sob).

Rimmel London's Hide The Blemish Concealer. I loved this when i was using it but my skin suddenly went through a dry spell and as this concealer is so drying anyway, my face just looked like a crackled mess. So now my skin isn't as dry as it used to be, i'm hopefully going to use the rest of it up!

Rimmel London's Stay Matte Foundation. Again, i loved this when i was using it but my skin went insanely dry and a matte formulation with dry = not a pretty look. 

Rimmel London's Match Perfection Foundation. I bought this for a fiver from Tesco once (it was on this crazy offer) and i fell in love with it. I admit, it does smell a bit funky but the finish is so lovely and i've fallen back in love with it. The colour again looks really dark (and orangey) but it's actually really nice and i look healthy for a change, ha.

Nivea Soft Lips Lip Balm. This was my go-to lip balm while in secondry school, and then i was introduced to Carmex. I have about 3 different flavours of this lip balm and i actually forgot how moisturizing they are, so i'm glad to be using them again!

And lastly, Rimmel London's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I do like this powder but sometimes it can feel a little bit cakey, so i'm desperately trying to use it up and finish it so that i can try another (hopefully better) powder!

So there we have it, my project 9 pan which is majority Rimmel - you can tell i was a big fan!? It'll probably take me months to get through all of the foundations as a few of the bottles are pretty much full. But i'll keep you all posted on my progress!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

kreativ blog award

Firstly; thank you, thank you, thank you Hannah for passing the award to me :) Sorry it's taken me so long to actually do the tag. I had no idea you tagged me! 
So from what i've gathered, i have to answer a series of questions about myself and then pass the award onto 10 other bloggers.

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answer the 7 questions below.

3. Award 10 other bloggers and let them know.

4. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

1. Name your favourite song: I want to say something really ~deep and meaningful~ here but i have no idea. I have certain songs (and bands) that i associate with certain people and places. I really like You and Me by Lifehouse, and their song Broken. They both remind me of two parts of me life and hold such good memories for me :)
2. Name your favourite dessert: Anything chocolate really...
3. What ticks you off? People who like you and are nice to you one minute, then ignore you the next. And generally people who are twats, haha.
4. When I'm upset, I... Cry - copy of Hannah's answer but true!
5. Favourite pet? I haven't really got a favourite pet. My old cat is now my boyfriends cat but my dad has a dog, Woody, and he's really funny. So, probably Woody.
6. Black/White? I like to wear black more but i have a white laptop and phone. So i'm half and half on that one!
7. Biggest fear? Snails. And Octopuses. I'm have a horrible phobia of both.
8. Everyday attitude? I'm usually in a alright mood, neither extrememly happy or depressed. Just normal really..
9. What is perfection? Ed Westwick.
10. Guilty pleasure? I really like watching Apple Keynotes. I've watched every single one to date..
7 Facts About Me:
I can dislocate my left thumb, I got my phobia of Octopuses after having a recurring dream where a headless Octopus was chasing me, I have a really good sense of smell and hearing yet i have terrible eyesight, I study Creative Media at College, I absolutely adore flavoured custard, I don't like fruit or veg, I work at Tesco.
Tag 10 people.I don't actually know many people on blogspot to tag them, so i tag everyone (i bet only 5 of you will accept this tag, so it works out haha).
PS: sorry for the lack of posts - since December! I just don't know what to post and i've felt really guilty as i've noticed i've been getting more followers yet i'm doing nothing to deserve them!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

winter wonderland

After trolling down to London and around Oxford/Regent Street, we decided to walk down to Hyde Park to see Winter Wonderland.
I was beginning to run out of battery by this time - that'll teach me for not bringing my camera - so the amount of photos i got were limited although i like to think that perhaps my photography skills progressed throughout the day!
PS: my waffle is the first one, Luke's is the second

Harry Potter Noble Collection

Again, my apologies for the crappy quality and ammeture photography skills.

 I felt like i had died and gone to heaven when i walked onto the fourth floor of Hamleys. I couldn't believe my eyes, i have never seen so much Harry Potter merchandise. I knew there was a shop in London that sold The Noble Collection but i thought it was Harrods, not Hamleys - which is a good thing that i thought that as i would of probably ran from the underground station to Hamleys just to get my hands on it all.

As you can see they literally had everything, from Broomsticks to House pens, the Marauder's Map, Tom  Riddle's Diary, Wands, Bookmarks, Ties, Scarf, Harry Potter Glasses, Horocuxes, Hermione's Time Turner, the Sorting Hat! I literally could go on and on. I was fangirling beyond belief.
I would also like to point out that they had a Dumbledore's Army sign. I acteually squealed out loud when i found it. The fact it has their signatures, oh my.

We spent around 20 minutes looking at the collection, it was small but it did have a lot crammed in. The shopping assistant told me they have every single characters wand and then some extras which were Ollivanders wand (from my understanding it was meant to be marketed as your own wand, as if you are a wizard/witch - which i obviously am).
Like the rest of Hamleys, everything was so expensive! Tom Riddle's diary was £50, Hermione's Time Turner was £42, Ties were £31 and Wands were £20. I got Ron Weasley's wand - which i took a picture of - and a Hermione bookmark with her wand which is also a pen.
The best part of the whole thing was when i was debating about which wand to get, the sales assistant asked me "what age are you buying for?" and i replied with "myself....".

Ever since laying my eyes on merch from the series, it's made me want to go to Harry Potter World 100x more. Why oh why did it have to be in Florida? Especially since it's an English story/franchise but i'll save you lot the rant.
Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan and is in the area, i would definitely recommend you go to Hamleys and see it all!

Monday, 19 December 2011

oxford and regent street

Firstly, i should apologize for the picture heavy post, bad picture quality (ahem iPhone camera...) and my lack of consistent posts!
As you can see, i got a bit camera happy in Hamleys and took majority of my photos in there. I did take more of the Harry Potter Noble Collection but i'll leave that for another post.

I absolutely adored my short visit to London and i definitely intend on going back there. I also went into Forever 21 to see what the hype was all about and i thought it was okay. Nothing majorly exciting..
The best thing was the fact that all the Christmas lights were Arthur Christmas related and i absolutely adore that film!
PS: i would like to point out that the Will and Kate dolls were £100. One Hundred freaking pounds! and that the giant lollipop was £20. So even though Hamleys would completely mind blowing and amazing, it's freaking expensive - hence the "spend over £250 and get free shipping" as if £250 isn't a lot of money to spend in that shop!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

blogger help?

i've been trying to get the photos that i post to be posted really close together but i can't seem to get them to do it! i've looked on several tutorials online but none of them are showing how to solve what i want - if that makes sense?
ideally, i would like my photos to be posted like milkteef/llymlrs-esque with the occasional two sided picture post, rather than one after the other..

i don't know, maybe i'm just talking complete rubbish and trying to do something which isn't possible! 
if you could offer any tips, i would be eternally grateful!

Friday, 9 December 2011

lusting over topshop

With this wishlist totaling to a whopping £321, i highly doubt i'll be getting everything off this wishlist. In fact, i know that i won't be buying the hotpants because as much as i adore them, i don't have the ~confidence~ to wear them!
The aztec and grainy jumper aren't things that i've seen in the shop and thought "this must be mine", they were more of an impulsive addition to this rather expensive list.
As much as i love the leopard leggings, i can't bare parting with £20 for them. Thankfully, Primark have a cheaper alternative which is a mere 6 quid!

I decided to add the impulsive selections to this wishlist as i decided that having either minimal items/the same items but in different colours could be a tad boring for you to look at.
The items which i would like duplicate colours of would be the skater dress, leigh jeans (which is obvious by the fact i have two pairs on this list) and the scallop vest.
I love the burgundy dress, even though it looks strawberry red on the website, and have been unable to find a cheaper alternative! Although, i have found a black and leopard alternative which only cost a tenner each! I would link ya'll but they're from a one off shop called Hype. The black and leopard versions of this beautiful skater dress are much thicker which means i'll be getting more bang for my buck? Right?
Ever since one of my best friends, Jodie, told me about her fabulous new jeans from Topshop which she called "lie" eventhough it's pronounced "lee"... I decided to try them on when i was next in the store. I was utterly flabbergasted to how bloody amazing these jeans were. "Why hadn't i been introduced to these beauties earlier?" was what was running through my mind when i tried these puppies on. I have them in a bright blue colour and oh my god, i wear them all the time! They are the perfect material, you can bend your knees without them going saggy! They're so soft and don't make them horrible creases behind your knees after crouching for a while - which i hate with normal jeans. I was on the look out for a nice pair of jeans to replace my holey (and broken zipped) Primark jeans but none could compare, i loved them so much and even though i was constantly *flying low*, i always wore them. Now Leigh has my heart and i need every single colour. It's not even a joke, i genuinely need to have everything single pair of these jeans going (and i'm even considering buying two pairs of my trusty bright blue....)
The scallop vest has been in Topshop for a while now and they're available in every single damn colour, and to be honest, i need them all. They're much more ~classier~ than the regular vest top, therefore, i need them in my lfie as i wear vests daily. I was thinking with starting small and easy by going for the black, but i have most definitely got my eye on the burgundy one and even the cream one! For £15, they're irrestable!

The "waffle-weave" jumper (as i like to call it) is so beautiful and i have been looking out for the perfect black jumper for a while now, so it's meant to be, surely?!
Lastly, the leopard shirt is beautiful and would look lovely for them occasions with family where it's smart but you don't want to look like a total frump but you're nan would approve of your choice of dress..

 So, now you all know how much of a shopaholic i am and how i lack all forms of self-control. But i promise that i won't buy everything as i do like a good bargain!