Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Harry Potter Noble Collection

Again, my apologies for the crappy quality and ammeture photography skills.

 I felt like i had died and gone to heaven when i walked onto the fourth floor of Hamleys. I couldn't believe my eyes, i have never seen so much Harry Potter merchandise. I knew there was a shop in London that sold The Noble Collection but i thought it was Harrods, not Hamleys - which is a good thing that i thought that as i would of probably ran from the underground station to Hamleys just to get my hands on it all.

As you can see they literally had everything, from Broomsticks to House pens, the Marauder's Map, Tom  Riddle's Diary, Wands, Bookmarks, Ties, Scarf, Harry Potter Glasses, Horocuxes, Hermione's Time Turner, the Sorting Hat! I literally could go on and on. I was fangirling beyond belief.
I would also like to point out that they had a Dumbledore's Army sign. I acteually squealed out loud when i found it. The fact it has their signatures, oh my.

We spent around 20 minutes looking at the collection, it was small but it did have a lot crammed in. The shopping assistant told me they have every single characters wand and then some extras which were Ollivanders wand (from my understanding it was meant to be marketed as your own wand, as if you are a wizard/witch - which i obviously am).
Like the rest of Hamleys, everything was so expensive! Tom Riddle's diary was £50, Hermione's Time Turner was £42, Ties were £31 and Wands were £20. I got Ron Weasley's wand - which i took a picture of - and a Hermione bookmark with her wand which is also a pen.
The best part of the whole thing was when i was debating about which wand to get, the sales assistant asked me "what age are you buying for?" and i replied with "myself....".

Ever since laying my eyes on merch from the series, it's made me want to go to Harry Potter World 100x more. Why oh why did it have to be in Florida? Especially since it's an English story/franchise but i'll save you lot the rant.
Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan and is in the area, i would definitely recommend you go to Hamleys and see it all!

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