Monday, 19 December 2011

oxford and regent street

Firstly, i should apologize for the picture heavy post, bad picture quality (ahem iPhone camera...) and my lack of consistent posts!
As you can see, i got a bit camera happy in Hamleys and took majority of my photos in there. I did take more of the Harry Potter Noble Collection but i'll leave that for another post.

I absolutely adored my short visit to London and i definitely intend on going back there. I also went into Forever 21 to see what the hype was all about and i thought it was okay. Nothing majorly exciting..
The best thing was the fact that all the Christmas lights were Arthur Christmas related and i absolutely adore that film!
PS: i would like to point out that the Will and Kate dolls were £100. One Hundred freaking pounds! and that the giant lollipop was £20. So even though Hamleys would completely mind blowing and amazing, it's freaking expensive - hence the "spend over £250 and get free shipping" as if £250 isn't a lot of money to spend in that shop!

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