Sunday, 4 December 2011

what i've been up to #2

excuse the crappy quality, these are all taken with my iPhone
1: My Week with Marilyn.  I've always had a love for Marilyn Monroe, so when i found out that there was going to be a movie about her, well i knew i had to see it asap! I went with my mum's friend who has a love for Marilyn that is even bigger than mine - she's the one who got me into her in the first place! The movie was really good, i liked the acting, the actors and the storyline. The one downside for me was that it didn't end how i wanted it to but that's because it was a "true story" and i obviously can't re-write Marilyn's life to end how i want it, haha. The fact Emma Watson was in the film, even though it was a small part, was a big plus!

2: Vecta's. I have been waiting and wanting these babies for so long. At first, i got them for my birthday but they were too small, so when i went to return them, it turned out they had been discontinued. When i couldn't find them on the website to re-order them in a bigger size, a part of my heart broke. I was procrastinating at college with my friend, Steph, when i came across them and almost had a heart attack in the process. But, to my luck they were out of stock in the bigger size. In the end i chose to just give up on them and i was close to buying replicas off eBay but in the end, i just couldn't be bothered with the hassle and gave up on trying to fuel my lust for studded slippers.
It turns out that i accidentally clicked on the bookmark i had for the Vectra's and thank the lord, they had them in my size AND in stock. I almost burst out into tears and done the Willie Wiggle. I ordered them Sunday night and had them by Wednesday. After waiting for months and months, and actually praying at one point, i finally have the shoes!

3: Deathly Hallows Part II. Me and mother were in Asda on Friday to have a browse to walk into the shop to find Diagon Alley. The Potterhead in me squealed with delight! They had these Gryffindor scarfs alongside Undesirable #1 posters, Lego merch and pajamas! I, of course, didn't want any of the Lego or pajamas but the poster and scarf caught my eye. I didn't end up getting the poster as i don't have anywhere to put it but i kept the scarf!

4: Arthur Christmas. Last night mumma, my sister and i had a ladies evening and went to the cinema then had pizza for dinner. I actually really enjoyed the film! It's by the same people that made Wallace and Gromit, even though the animation is more like Flushed Away compared to Wallace and Gromit/Chicken Run-esque animation. Some of the jokes were childish but some were funny for the older people in audience. I really liked the storyline and Bryony was definitely my favourite character :-)

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Lily said...

Oh I soooo can't wait to see my week with marilyn! Love your topshot stud shoes :)