Thursday, 1 December 2011

christmas wishlist

I'm obviously aware that i'm not going to get everything that i've asked for here as some of the items are a bit pricey, ahem Tiffany's and GHD's, but this is me and my wishful thinking! 
I made this wishlist a few nights ago and since then i bought some cross earrings from Topshop for only £4, so the ASOS earrings are a bit pointless now but hey ho!  

There are a few things i would probably add to this list if i was to do it again, like perhaps a Juicy Couture perfume (is it bad of me that i don't know if the one i like is either Couture Couture or Viva La Juicy? oopsie), a black oversized jumper from Topshop and a cropped wolf vest from Topshop!
I would also like to point out that missguided have stocked even more Lita-look-a-likes which is unbelievable! The only downside being that the heel isn't wooden like Lita's but is suede-like, which is a let down but you can't have it all!
I've been in the Christmas season since October, thanks to work selling Christmas items asap! I've bought majority of everyone's presents, just got to wrap and name tag everything now! I'm literally wetting myself for the moment i can put all my presents under the tree, eeeeep! 

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