Wednesday, 30 November 2011

swapsie with michaella

*please excuse the bad quality photos, the carpet in the background and my chipped nail polish. i was too excited to wait to do a proper photoshoot!*
I cannot explain how excited/happy i was when my step-mum told me that i had a package! I swapped with Michaella who is a very good friend of mine that i met via Tumblr. Michaella''s package is currently in the post, it's with ~priority mail~ as i didn't want anything to break while in the air! 
Here is a list of items that i got:
EOS Lip Balm in Summerfruits
Stila Lipgloss pack
Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita
NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzer
Sephora by OPI in Frankly, I Don't Give A-Damn and Metro Chic

I asked for the EOS lip balm and the Metro Chic polish, the rest were surprises. And let me tell you, seeing Nars AND Stila in my package was a surprise! I know the States is cheaper but i pretty much had a heart attack while trying to act nonchalant in front of my step-mum and friend (i don' t think my sudden intake of breath helped me act calm and collected..)
I currently have Metro Chic on my nails and i love it. At first i was a bit undecided as it's so hyped but i'm definitely on the Metro Chic-bandwagon! It's the perfect purpley/brown/grey colour. I am in love with it! I tried a matte top coat, a la Rimmel, at first but it made the polish look muddy and dirty, so i quickly applied a regular ~shiny~ topcoat and all is well.

I tried the lipstick this morning and oh-my-god. Wordless, it's just amazing. It reminds me of my 17 Mirrorshine in Belle in the fact it 's "my lips but better" and the texture but this looks like lipstick on my lips rather than lipgloss - like with Belle. It's so smooth and feels like gloss, which i love. Ugh, i just love this lipstick. It's helping me feel less scared about lipstick and more willing to take wrists when it comes to my make-up!
I also quickly applied the EOS balm and i'm smitten with it. Why EOS can't come over to the UK is beyond me as i would be running to my nearest Superdrug/Boots to stock up on every colour!

I'm yet to try the Stila glosses (i'm saving them for tomorow!), the NYC bronzer and the grey shade of the polishes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Michaella! You've made me one happy girl!

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