Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I know, i know, i've been seriously slacking with blog posts but i have a valid reason this time! My MacBook was in for repair, so i was without a laptop (and i've been working non-stop recently!)

I have the 2008 White MacBook which is known to get cracks in its exterior. I recently got another crack in the bezel and i just lost it. I couldn't have my baby cracking anymore, i needed to take it back to the Apple Store and get it fixed. The lovely technician said he'd send my laptop off for repair (for free!) and this was last Thursday. It's now Monday and my laptop is safely back in my arms, along with the amazing new-laptop smell - is it weird that i like that smell so much? The smell of my MacBook when it's new smells soo good nomnomnomn.

For those who don't follow me on tumblr or haven't been following me long, you wouldn't know that i work in a Cattery. Summer, Easter and Christmas are always our busy days and at the moment, it's so busy that i'm (happily) working double shifts everyday! Waking up at 7am to be at work for 8 is awful but i like working in the morning as i then have the rest of the day to myself. When i'm working double shifts, i have to be back at work for 4:30pm which is alright considering it's always quieter in the afternoons compared to the mornings.
I'm currently trying to save my money for my mega shopping trip with the girls at Westfields which is next week! But after that, i think i'm just going to act like a granny and save, save, save for Christmas!

When i'm back home (i'm currently at my nans), i'll do a lookbook of all my new purchases and do a kind of "haul" for ya'll.

I hope you're all well! :-)

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