Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Update - 26.07.2011

I need to think of a fab *hello* line because "hey dolls" is so not me.

Anyway, I've been pretty distant from the internet in general lately due to one person - Albie. Albie is now my baby brother who was born on Friday.
There is a whopping 16 (almost 17) age gap between me and him but ma mere was young when she had me and pretty average aged when she had Albie, so it evens out.
But he's obviously very time consuming for the whole family and draining. So sleep hasn't been something that i've gotten a lot of recently - hence my lack of motivation to turn my computer on and go online.

I'm currently on a shopping-ban as i'm saving for various birthdays, shopping trips and the ever-depressing Apple Store trip. I have a white MacBook (2008 edition eek) and even though it's perfectly fine on the inside, the hardware is complete crap. I've already had the screen plastic replaced, which now has two lovely cracks with a third on the way. And the keyboard plastic has one gigantic crack and one hairline carck.
In all honesty, it's depressing seeing something you paid just under £700 to be cracked. Therefore, i'm plucking up the courage to take it to the Apple-reseller in Windsor to see what they say about the cracks. I'm praying that they can replace the plastic and it'll be kind to my purse! But, we all know how over priced Apple can be...

Other than working and going to Windsor on Thursday, my life is pretty dull at the moment. I have more things planned for August than i do for the rest of the month, which is just completely depressing. Lets hope my social life picks up sometime soon!


Eves, said...
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Eves, said...

Albie is such a cute name! where did your mum get it from? It's lovely. :) xx

Nicole said...

She went to my step-cousins birthday party and there was a little boy there called Albie. Turns out his name was Albert but Albie for short. But Albie is just Albie, i call him Albert for short ;-) xxx