Monday, 18 July 2011

One Day - Review

After being told to read this by one of my friend's younger sisters (and seeing the movie trailer) i set out to own this book. Luckily, my step-mum decided to treat me and buy this on a deal with The Single Girl's To-Do List for me!

At first, i really struggled to get into this book. I loved Emma and hated Dexter with a passion. For a while, i just left it on the side, untouched, because i wasn't getting into it. Then i was on twitter one day and i saw a friend of mine make a goodreads post about the book and he was ahead of me. So, the race was on...

He did finish the book before me but i'm glad i got all competitive about it, because if i hadn't, then i probably wouldn't of picked the book up again.
As the book progresses, the characters develop and become their own - duh. I slowly grew to like Dexter more and sympathise for him over this mothers death. Emma was as always, lovely.

The thing i love the most about it is the fact each chapter is the same day but a year on. That way, it becomes faster paced and easier to read. It's also in third person which is a love of mine.

I didn't think that i was that attached to the book but i found myself wishing for Emma and Dexter to get together, to marry, to start a family. So, when it all came crumbling down and impossible, i cried. I cried for the loss of Emma, for how Dexter would cope, for the fact she never got to start a proper family with Dexter, that she was only 39 and there was no justice to her death.
Saying this though, i feel like Nicholls made this ending a complete cop-out. I don't believe Dexter and Emma's lives should have ended that way - i like the think that when Emma died, a part of Dex did too. I feel like the ending was a rush and it ruined the story. I felt myself willing the author to change his words, for him to make them live happily but that's a cliche. So, for that the story does have a realistic edge to it because we don't always live happily ever after. We do lose loved ones and it will be out of our control. So, as much as i hate the ending, i think it's clever how Nicholls gave it the realistic twnag to it.

I would recommend this book to all readers. It's easy to read, once it picks up. It's lighthearted in parts and is funny. The character are loveable, even Dexter..


Anonymous said...

Oh I want to see this! I saw that it was coming to theaters soon. I didn't know it was a book, though.

xox Courtney Michele
Breakfast in Wonderland

Emily said...

Really love this book, and for once actually looking forward to seeing the film version. I was really sad about the ending too!xx

Nicole said...

Emily, i am so excited for the movie! It looks fab!
& Courtney, the book is soo good! I definitely recommend you read it before watching the film xxx