Monday, 18 July 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 - My Thoughts.

So, as you may already know, i have been counting down the days till Deathly Hallows II. I can't explain the anticipation i had walking down the aisle to my seat on Friday. (of course i wore my DH necklace!)

The movie was everything i wanted. In my eyes, it was perfect. Exactly like the book.
People have complained saying Part I was very slow and dragged at some parts but it had to in order for everyone - readers or not - to understand the Deathly Hallows and the situation. So, once we all knew what the Deathly Hallows were and what they could do if destroyed, it allowed for Part II to blow everyone away with action. 

I had goose bumps the whole way through, and i did cry my heart out at parts. Parts like Snapes death, the resection stone, the kiss, fFred's death, Remus and Tonk's death, Neville's speech to Voldemort the ending.
I've never been a fan of Snape but he did redeem himself to some extent in Deathly Hallows. I mean, he became fairly decent compared to a complete twit. Actually seeing his death and his memories was pure perfection. It was exactly how i pictured it in my head, so to see it with my eyes rather than in my head was magical (cliche or what?).
I cried at "Harry's death" in the book and i cried in the movie too. Seeing Sirius again just broke my heart. And Remus, oh lordy. I sobbed my heart out when Sirius died in TOOTP, so seeing him again brought back all those emotions. The movie never portrayed Sirius' death properly, in my opinion. I've always love Remus Lupin and i think i always will. He's such a complex character with self-loathing for somthing he cannot control. And i love Tonks for loving Lupin. Seeing them trying to hold each others hand but not quite reaching. Then seeing them dead and their hands still not touching, oh my, it just broke my heart. - I can feel myself welling up now.
Neville Neville Neville. I cannot express my love for this character. He is so underrated in the movies and i hate that. Dobby always stole his ideas in the movies. I was so happy Neville became a hero in Deathly Hallows and there was a lot of focus on him. Matthew Lewis deserved it.

As inappropriate as it is, i also laughed at parts in Deathly Hallows II. Like Voldemort's awkward hug with Draco. I'm sorry but what was that? It was so hilarious. Seeing Voldemort even trying to be remotely loving is just unbearable.

Ginny and Harry had as much chemistry as a leaf which i hated. In the book, there is so much sexual tension but in the movie, oh no. I don't think it's the actors faults, the on-screen chemistry just isn't there, but they do try.
Ron and Hermione on the other hand. I have always always always adored Ron and Hermione. I cried tears of joy in the book when they got together and seeing the kiss in the Chamber of Secrets was just perfection. And when Ron shouted at Draco "OI, THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND" in the Room of Requirement literally made my life complete. I will ship won won/hermy forever. 

Speaking of famous quotes, i grinned like a mad-man when Molly Weasley said her ever-famous line to Bellatrix - "Not my daughter, you BITCH!". A friend of mine who hasn't read the books, said that Molly was badass for saying that and in all honesty, she is. I love her. Forever.

As this is the last movie in the series, i plan on seeing a couple more times in 2D, once in 3D and in IMAX 3D also. Just to soak it all up before it's over for good.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! I cried my eyes out when Snape died, he's undoubtably my favourite character. I cried when Harry went into the forest and met his parents, Lupin and Sirius in the woods. That was so emotional! Need to re-read the books again.

Carly x

Nicole said...

Oh yeah, i couldn't agree more! I'm currently re-reading the series now. I love them even more now it's the second time :') xx