Monday, 18 July 2011

18.07.2011 - wishlist

Hey dolls. So, this is my 10th attempt at this bloody post. I have lost the will to live thanks to Blogger.
Anyway, i'll jump straight in with each items.
  • Nude Pumps - asos. I first laid eyes on these as a girl i follow on Tumblr featured them on her blog. I don't usually buy shoes from asos but they're so beautiful. I need them in my life - along with the Studded Pointed-Toe Pumps (also from asos) and the Studded Slippers (from Topshop).
  • Zipper-detailed Purse - River Island. I've always been insanely jealous of anyone with a River Island bag. I hate the ones where they overly brand RI but the more subtle ones are gorgeous (must me inner-chav or?). I've also been insanely jealous of their purses. So, when i went into River Island to nose around in their sale - in which i picked up a lovely maxi-dress for only £12! - i saw this purse and fell in love. I have the excuse of my current purse falling apart and needing the good ol' super-glue jobby. 
  • iPad 2 - Apple. Luke has an iPad, the original one, and i have part ownership of it as he's away. I've come to love this beautiful tablet as my own but i can't help lusting over the new iPad 2. It's so white and has a camera *grueling*.
  • Nude bag - Aldo. I first saw this featured on mariannan's blog. She has the tan/orange version, if i'm not mistaken? Either way, it's gorgeous bag in which i need in my life.
  • Thomas Sabo charm bracelet + N charm - Thomas Sabo. I adore my pearl TS bracelet, so i *need* the silver charm bracelet in my life.....
  • Leather Pandora Bracelet. I've justified wanting this by the fact i always buy faux Pandora bracelets but they always end up rusting, sob. So, i've decided that at one point, i will this bracelet - or the original silver version.
  • Dead Reckoning - WH Smiths. I need more Sookie Stackhouse in my life. Enough said.
 I hope that by this post you don't consider me a materialistic teenager! I've seen so many of theses posts and finally decided to do one in hope of bringing my blogger mojo back.
& i hope you're having a happy monday!

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