Sunday, 10 October 2010

Review: QVS "The Airbrush"

I've had my eye on this brush for the longest time. Ever since i started getting into makeup, i longed for a stippling brush but i just wasn't prepared to pay silly amount to buy one. So, i was obviously over the moon when one of my favourite drugstore makeup brush brand (what a tongue twister!) brought out their own. 
QVS is exclusive to Superdrug, from what i'm aware. They're cheap and usually very good quality. I, however, feel that this brush isn't.
I felt so let down with this brush. I really wanted it to work and i had such high expectations of it! I'm always seeing guru's apply their foundation flawlessly using stippling brushes, so i've seen the technique many times. 
I felt that this brush was lacking brissles, like in the sense it wasn't dense enough for my liking. When i was applying my foundation, it kept bending and flopping around. After many attempts at getting it to work, i resorted in going back to my trusty QVS foundation brush and using that along with my fingers.
For £7.99, it's a good price but it's a pointless brush, in my opinion.
On the front of the packaging it does say that it's perfect for mineral makeup which i'm assuming is powder. I feel that this brush will be able to handle powder but it cannot handle anything thicker or even remotely liquidy.  But then at the top of the packaging, it says about how it'll be perfect for concealer or foundation, which i disagree with. I also tried to use it to apply a cream blush but that also turned out horrifically..  xoxo


Sarah Rose said...


Ahh, I was actually going to go and buy this brush this week.. I dont think will now.

I've been wanting a stippling brush for a while but like you I didn't want to pay too much. I'm thinking of ordering a Sigma brush but you have to get it shipped from the the US I think and it takes quite a while...

I'm gunna keep looking round for an alternative though.. If I find one; I'll let you know! :)

CookiesNCandles said...

Dont quit yet.. Try this, apply your foundation with the foundation brush and use the stippling brush over your face (without any product)in circular motion. Trust me it will give your skin a great finish! :)