Sunday, 10 October 2010

MAC's Venomous Villains "haul"

I can't express how happy i was counting down the days until this collection came out! The day after it was released online, i ordered myself the must-have of the whole collection.
I admit, i didn't spend nearly as much as everyone else who's hauled this collection and to be honest, i'm not really that bothered. Spending £26 on two Lipglass' is enough for me. I thought that as these are my first MAC products, i should start slowly rather then dive in head first. 
Anyway, this is what i got from the collection + all the packaging.. 

 Lipglass in Devilishly Stylish.
Lipglass in Strange Potion.

Devilishly Stylish
Strange Potion
I am definitely more than tempted to buy some more from this collection but there isn't much else i can see myself really using, i would only really be buying anything else just for the sake of it. 
Were you as excited about this collection as me or did you think it was one that you could let pass you by? xoxo

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