Friday, 17 February 2012

project 10 pan (ish)

Now i know this is more like "project 9 pan" but hey ho. As you can see, i am a junkie for anything to do with my "base". I love every single one of these products but for one reason or another, i've stopped using them/it(?) to replace it with another product. Therefore i have decided that i am going to use all this lot up, even if it kills me!

First things first, NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder. Now i had this in the loose powder form and i loved it. I used that all up and ended up buying the pressed powder version as it was more convenient for traveling etc. Now i stopped using this as i bought Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder - which is featured to it's right. I loved this powder because it's so light. It doesn't feel like your face is caked and it's pale, which is always a plus for me!

ColorTrend Fresh Face Oil-Free Foundation. Now this foundation here was my very first foundation! (not the same bottle mind you, but the first foundation i tried!). I loved it because it was again light and pale. It's good for them days when you feel like you need a little coverage but don't fancy going out in a full face of make up!

Revlon Colorstay. I love this foundation, i can sing it's praises for hours. Whenever anyone asks for foundation recommendation, i always always say Colorstay. Yes it's quick thick and sometimes hard to blend but the coverage, the finish and colour range is fab-u-lous! It's lasted forever and after i've finished all these foundations, i'd probably go back to trying another Revlon formulation - maybe Photoready? 

Rimmel London's Lasting Finish. This foundation reminds me of Colorstay a lot in the sense that it lasts for hours. Even though this is the palest shade Rimmel make in this formulation, it does look really dark in comparison to the other foundations. But saying this though, it applies really well and i don't look orange - which is a god send. It actually makes me look healthy rather than deadly pale (like my Colorstay, sob).

Rimmel London's Hide The Blemish Concealer. I loved this when i was using it but my skin suddenly went through a dry spell and as this concealer is so drying anyway, my face just looked like a crackled mess. So now my skin isn't as dry as it used to be, i'm hopefully going to use the rest of it up!

Rimmel London's Stay Matte Foundation. Again, i loved this when i was using it but my skin went insanely dry and a matte formulation with dry = not a pretty look. 

Rimmel London's Match Perfection Foundation. I bought this for a fiver from Tesco once (it was on this crazy offer) and i fell in love with it. I admit, it does smell a bit funky but the finish is so lovely and i've fallen back in love with it. The colour again looks really dark (and orangey) but it's actually really nice and i look healthy for a change, ha.

Nivea Soft Lips Lip Balm. This was my go-to lip balm while in secondry school, and then i was introduced to Carmex. I have about 3 different flavours of this lip balm and i actually forgot how moisturizing they are, so i'm glad to be using them again!

And lastly, Rimmel London's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I do like this powder but sometimes it can feel a little bit cakey, so i'm desperately trying to use it up and finish it so that i can try another (hopefully better) powder!

So there we have it, my project 9 pan which is majority Rimmel - you can tell i was a big fan!? It'll probably take me months to get through all of the foundations as a few of the bottles are pretty much full. But i'll keep you all posted on my progress!


Emily said...

ooh i'm gonna try and do this! xxx

Lily said...

This is a really good idea! I tried the rimmel stay matte foundation and hated it! Even ivory came out orange and it really irritated my skin :S

Georgia Louise said...

I'm going to try and do this, too :)

Stefany said...

Great post! I'm going to try this x