Monday, 12 September 2011

One Day movie - review

So, you all know what i think of the book and in all honesty, i wouldn't of picked the book up if i hadn't of known it was getting made into a movie and had Anne Hathaway staring in it. I'm the kind of reader that won't read a book if i haven't been recommended it or it hasn't been made into a movie/tv series. 
I adored the book and was debating about whether i really wanted to see the movie as i had the perfect image of all the characters in my head and i didn't want the actors to ruin the fairytale for me. But, i did end up going to see it - as you can tell from the photo above. I dragged my boyfriend, who didn't protest as he actually wanted to see it too.., and we went and saw it one rainy afternoon.

The movie in some sense ruins the book and i can only describe this in the sense of Dexter physically telling Emma he would give her confidence, or if not that, a scented candle. In the book, he wrote this in a letter after one too many drinks but she never got the letter as one of Dex's many lovers took it. I liked the fact Emma got to know Dexter's feelings but i was disappointed because i hate it when the movie is changed from the book. 
I pictured Tilley to be a largish woman with crazy curly hair - kind of like Nessa from Gavin and Stacey but with curly hair. In the movie she was petite and blonde. Also, the karaoke was beyond cringey, i sunk down in my seat and cringed throughout that whole scene.
Ian was a balding man who's face resembled an egg - in my mind. To put it bluntly, the actor who played Ian wasn't much better looking than me egg-Ian. 
Oh, and Sookie was black in my head....

I did actually enjoy some parts. I liked how the beginning of each chapter had a different way of saying the "15th July" and then the year. My personal favourite was when it popped up with the toast and Luke (my boyfriend) favourite was when it was the screensaver on the laptop.
I liked how accurate the scene where Dexter broke Sylvia's nose was and how Anne portrayed Emma's unhappiness in the mexican restaurant. 

Moving onto Anne's accent, i can only really say one thing about it - it was shit. One minute she had a really strong Yorkshire accent and then the next she had the stereotypical posh accent that all Brits have according to Americans. 

I liked how sudden Emma's death was. I didn't like how we saw her get hit by the van was.. Even though i knew it was coming and was waiting for her to get hit, i still took a sudden intake of breathe like everyone else in the cinema - including Luke. He actually asked me why the author made her die as it didn't seem like her story was over yet. I have such bittersweet feelings over her death, bitter because i loved Emma and sweet because the book breaks the stereotype of everyone living happily after.

Overall, i liked the movie. I think i would of liked it more if i hadn't of read the book and loved it as much as i did.

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