Wednesday, 3 August 2011

*insert crappy photo of my ombre hair here*

So i Ombre-d my hair! I love it, i can't even express how glad i am that i took the plunge!
I wanted to quickly make a post about my new hair while i'm still excited about it. And because i'm a lazy ass, i can't be bothered to put mascara on to make myself presentable for a proper photo - but i promise to take one on my camera (and maybe even an outfit post oooooh) when i go back home on Friday.

I know my Ombre isn't very in-your-face and obvious but that's how i wanted it. I wanted to ween myself into the ombre-ing, i didn't want to come out looking like i had abused the bleach.
But next time, i've told myself i'm going to make the blonde brighter and higher up my hair!

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Michelle of The Feather Den said...

I think the subtle ombre you chose to do is lovely!

x Michelle |