Friday, 24 June 2011

Water Marble Nails - Fail

As you can see from this photo, i have attempted (and failed) to do the Water Marble effect on my nails.
Me and my friend Jodie were bored, so we decided to watch some youtube videos on nail tutorials. We stumbled across how to Water Marble and decided to give it ago. 
After an hour of doing this and getting the polish absolutely everywhere, this was my turnout.
I'm not crazy for it but i'm not going to take it off straight away as i feel like all my hard work will be for nothing!

I think from now on, i'll stay to painting my nails just one colour...


hannah said...

i think it looks really cool!

LaurenZetta said...

I think they turned out pretty well! 10 times better than my attempt! Nice job :)