Tuesday, 21 June 2011


 Ring - Primark

Hey everyone!
*you'll have to excuse my duvet, when i took this photo, i was snuggled up in bed!*
I bought this lovely ring from Primark today for an amazing £2.50! Two Pound Fifty for this beauty, i know, shocking!
I've always lusted over the rings on jwlry but i have the problem of having big knuckles - thanks dad. So, i usually have to get rings in "large". Because of my big knuckled-ness, i've always been hesitant to buying rings online, even if they are adjustable.. So, when i saw this ring in Primark (and in my size) i pretty much squealed in delight.

This post is a bit different from the norm but i wanted to let you know that Primark has some amazing rings at the mo!

I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday!

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Emma said...

Haha, "Thanks dad".

Lovely lovely ring. x