Monday, 28 February 2011

Update + Apology!

So, it's obvious i owe you all an apology. I have been checking up on my blog and keeping up with the blogs i follow but i just haven't felt the need to blog. I know it sounds a bit bizarre as i'm a total shopaholic but lately i've been curbing my spending (on myself...). Lately i've been buying a lot of take-away pizza, which i don't recommend if you liked your slim figure before but hey ho, i don't mind the extra pounds- or half a stone......

Anyway, that's going totally off topic. I haven't been spending a lot of money on makeup or anything really that i wanted to blog about, hence my lack in posts. I've been spending a lot of my money on others at the moment (birthdays etc), so that's why i've had no money.
Recently i've been working a lot more which means only one thing- more money, so i've decided i wanted to start treating myself again with makeup.

I bought a lovely dark red lipstick the other day from MUA! I don't understand how a lipstick that pigmented and lovely can only cost a quid, such a shocker. So, since my red lipstick kick i've felt the need to branch out and buy something from MAC- Viva Glam Cyndi.
I haven't actually bought the lipstick yet and i've already successfully managed to talk myself out of it. The main reason i wanted it was because it's limited edition and will be going soon- such a lame excuse, i know and i honestly doubt i would even wear the lipstick..
I also managed to totally talk myself out of buying anything from the Wonder Woman collection before it's even hit stores (it launches this thursday by the way- 3rd Mach 2011)
So, in conclusion to this long ramble, i'm thinking of just sticking to drugstore make up for the moment as i can buy so much more for my money.

I currently have my eye on the tinted lip balm by Sleek, the *new* Barry M lipstick in 105, Rimmel's 25-Hour-Foundation, Revlon's Colourstay and the coral MeMeMe boxed blush :-)

I hope you don't mind my lack of posts and that i'm hopefully forgiven.
I'm not going to be the kind of blogger that makes one post after another but i'm going to try and make posts at least regularly for ya'll! xxxx

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