Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Long time, no blog!

Hey dolls!
I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that i've been really un-inspired with blogging via Blogspot. I've still been gaining followers (thank you very much!) yet i haven't been posting, so i'm sorry about that! As i said, i've just been feeling really un-inspired and Tumblr is just a lot easier to blog from as i'm not into Fashion posts or anything like that..

I'll try to blog more, i promise! 
Thank you for sticking around <3

nicole xo


Femme said...

nice blog! x

Glamourbarbie said...

Don't worry you can do just as much as the things you do on your tumblr on here and you don't have to blog about fashion and be anything and everything. If you need inspiration just look around on the web to see what may catch your eye or even Google something like most fun blog posts to blog about or something close to that. I hope you don't give up blogging :)