Saturday, 9 October 2010

Review: Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray

I've had this body spray for a while now and i am in love with it. It has such a delicious vanilla smell! I've never found a body spray like this!
For only £1.99, you can't go wrong!
As you can see, i haven't really used a lot which i find bizarre as i'm always wearing it. If i'm not wearing my Harajuku Lovers (Love) perfume then i am wearing this.
It does come across quite strong when you first spray it, so less is more with this. But i find that because it's quite strong when you first spray it, hours later you can still smell a hint of it. I find this completely amazing as i rarely can smell my perfume after school if i first sprayed it before i left in the morning.
I really love the plastic bottle as i'm not that worried about it smashing in my school bag or anything.  I also like the design of the bottle, it's really simplistic. The smell of the body spray corresponds to the picture on the front of the bottle, so there is a Vanilla plant on the front of the bottle as it's Vanilla flavour. The amount of product you get is definitely worth your money, you get 150ml in a bottle.

I really want to try all the other one's that the Natural Collection provide as one of my good friend's, Claudia, got a few lovely ones for her birthday.

I don't think i can give this product enough praise, it's superb. If you haven't already gotten a body spray from Natural Collection then i strongly suggest you run to your nearest Boots and buy one! xoxo

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