Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A new iPod Touch!

This isn't a side of myself that i like to reveal often but it is very much present in my life. I am in fact a very, very, very big Apple fan/ nerd on technology in general. This year i have kind of slacked on things though as i haven't be as 'into' the news as i have with other things like Tumblr for example.
Anyway, Apple had their annual iPod event today but they named it a "Media Event" as they didn't just release new iPods.. But my main focus was the iPods.
My prediction was that they would in fact make the Touch's hardware more like the iPhone 4s as that is what they done with the previous Touch and iPhone 3G/3GS.
So, i present to you the new iPod Touch..
This baby has a front and back facing camera which films in HD. The main purpose of these cameras was to allow FaceTime to the iPod Touch but you can also film, edit and upload videos to YouTube from your iPod.. There is also a new Retina display (super high quality basically) and they bumped up the processors to that it can handle iOS 4.1.

I, personally, am in love with this iPod. My iPod Touch is two years old now and the lock button is a bit indented, so i am in need of a new one :)

My birthday is right round the corner, 29th September, so i'm hoping to get one of these babies for my birthday! We'll wait and see!

nicole xo

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