Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I've heard that Basingstokes Festival Place mall to be called Amazing-stoke and it honestly lives up to it's name! I went there yesterday with Lewis, my best friend, and his parents for Lewis' birthday.
We had a quick bite to eat at a cafe called 'Cafe Bebo'. I had a cheese and ham croissant, yes, a cheese and ham 
croissant! I didn't think you could mix sweet and savory but my god, it is delicious! 
I didn't buy much while we were there as i done quite a bit of spending the day before in Reading but i did manage to buy a few things.

The first shop i bought from was Superdrug. I knew that i wanted to walk away from Basingstoke with the NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder as i am in love with the Loose Powder.
The colour is i701A Translucent and price was £2.99!

My thoughts so far would be that the pressed version is the same texture of the loose powder once on the face and it seems very good so far!

I also decided to buy a MUA lipgloss as i've seen quite a few people raving about them.
The colour is in Shade 4 and the price was £1!

I can tell off the bat that i'm not going to be a great fan of this product as much the scent is really off putting, for me. I've seen reviews were people have commented on how much they like the scent as it's "strawberry". This lipgloss doesn't smell of "strawberries" to me, it's like a fake manufactured smell that reminds me of airports.. 

After we went into Superdrug, we hit Primark. It's not obvious on here, yet, but on Tumblr i think it's clear that i am a big Primark fan. I love the fact you can get great items for such a cheap price! I know why they're so cheap, etc etc but i still love the shop nonetheless.
I am really loving Primarks jewellery as it's so in fashion and dirt cheap!
The first thing i laid eyes on was this cupcake necklace which i adore!

It was only £1.50 and it's so dainty + cute.

The next thing i found was this beautiful ring.

When i first laid eyes on this ring many months ago, i fell in love with it but i never bought it because i thought that by the next time i went into Primark, they would still have it. I was wrong and this scenario happened again another time. When i saw it yesterday, i had to buy it as i couldn't let it go! It was only £2 as well!

The second ring that i bought was this beauty.

I am in love with big and animal rings right now so i had to get this and it was only £2!

The last thing i bought yesterday was this china doll necklace. It was only £1.50 and i am so in love with it!

That was all i bought this shopping trip, i know it's a small haul but i love the things i bought nonetheless.
I'll be doing reviews on the makeup products that i bought once i have given them both a fair go.
I hope you all have great week!

nicole xo

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