Friday, 3 June 2011


I've totally neglected this blog (again). I just feel no motivation sometimes, if you follow me on Tumblr or even Twitter, then you would know i am a lazy girl, so i find it effort taking photos etc. I think also the timing adds to the situation - it's my GCSE exam period, so i haven't really been up to much as my focus is on my exams and studying!

You'll be glad to read (i hope) that i'm going to at least try with this blog. I don't know where i want it to go and honestly, i'm not happy with what's on it at the moment - layout, content etc. So, i'll try having a play around on it when i have a few spare hours (yes, hours. i take ages to edit html!). But for now, i'll just do the odd personal post, like this one, and add a few personal photos of what i've been up to. I think that's the best way of me using this blog without going all out and going on a photography frenzy!

Here are a few photos of what yours truly has been up to!
Photobooth sesh with my best girlfriend

This was taken with the boyfriend the night before he left for his army training!
At a party with Steph & Molly
Steph, Me, Jodie and Claudia all grannies. Sara is Mario. Lucy is Where's Wally.

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