Thursday, 16 June 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Collection (Summer 2011)

Hey dolls!
I'm hoping that by now you've sussed out that from my previous posts that i'm a fan of MAC Collections! According to the insanely famous Temptalia, Semi-Precious is due to come out Summer 2011 - July to be precise!
I'm not really much of an eyeshadow girl, in fact i have no idea how to apply eyeshadow to my own eye. I'm able to put it on other people (granted not very well....) but i just can't do it to myself. Therefore, i generally just stick to lip products from MAC as they aren't cheap, so i don't even attempt to venture out, and because i just love lipgloss' in general. With this collection though, i have fallen in love with the promo image for a mineralized blush!
*the bolded name for the Lipglass is the one i have my eye on!*
Warmth of Coral - Mineralize Blush
Geo Pink, Looks Like Sin, Musky Amethyst, Pure Magnificence and Richly Revered.
Nicole xxx

*all images and information from Temptalia*

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