Saturday, 28 August 2010

My first post!

I've had this blog for a very long time, about two years to be exact, and i've never really done anything good with it. So, i've decided i'm going to open this blog back up and im going to start posting.
If you're reading this, then i'm guessing i wrote about it on Tumblr and you have come here form there? Well, hello anyway.
I'm going to be posting anything and everything on this blog that i don't put on my Tumblr. I feel as if my Tumblr is more for pictures, etc while this is more personal..

I have a list as long as my arm with things that need to be changed around with this blog, so you'll have to bare with me! Once this is all up and running to just how i like it, then i'm sure everything will come together, but right now, i'm just trying to figure this website out ;o 
Thank you and i hope you enjoy whatever i write!

nicole xo

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